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Rocky Mountain Snowflakes - $7.95 Book size: 8 1/2 x 11 inches.
Finished snowflakes: about 8 x 8 inches

Rocky Mountain Snowflakes 2 - $8.95 Book size: 8 1/2 x 11 inches.
Finished snowflakes: about 8 x 8 inches

Move your mouse over the snowflakes and see all of the patterns from each book.

Printed on elegant white paper, easy to cut.

Every page has folding instructions printed right on the page, which all cut away, leaving you with a fancy white snowflake in the many patterns shown here.

Scroll down for a list of patterns.

Rocky Mountain Snowflakes
features the patterns shown above. They include: Angels in flight, Tophat snowmen, Tiny reindeer, White butterflies, Sante Fe, Santa Claus, Praying Angels, Holy star, Bare branches, Ice web, Ice queen, Daisy bouquet, Six geese a layin', Unicorns, Crystal, Candelabra, Peace bells, Snow bunting flock, Dancing ballerinas, Nineteen stars, and five blank pages to create your own ideas.

Rocky Mountains Snowflakes 2
(shown at right) includes: Teddybears, Alleycats, Unicycle Clowns, Aspen Leaves, Snow Dance, Hot Dog Skier, Snow Lizards, Dinosaurs, Candles Aflame, Giraffe Ring, Rose Wreath, Circus Elephants, Mrs. Claus, Ice Castles, The Shepherdess, Raccoons, Swords & Shields, Porcupines, Snow Bunnies, Turtles, Forty-eight Legs, Siberian Tigers, Peace Doves, Four-String Ukulele, Double Luck and Bigfoot. Book 2 patterns are shown at right.

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