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Dream Bee Publications creates novelty books for unique people. You'll find our books fun and interactive. Send family and friends a snazzy little gift for less than $10!

Rocky Mountain Snowflakes and Rocky Mountain Snowflakes 2 are activity books beautifully designed for the art and craft of cutting paper snowflakes. All you need is the book and a pair of scissors. Just fold, cut, and be amazed at the patterns. Teachers, students, parents, grand parents, and kids enjoy the artistic symmetry, the light-hearted poetry, and the hexagonal geometry of these winning winter books. A little bit mathematical, whimsically scientific, these are creative crystals. It's paper cutting - American style!

Celebrate the season, cut through the chilly weather, get together, sip a little cider, get a little flakey, and cut up some pretty amazing decorations for the windows. Try Teddy.

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